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Archenterum was founded in 1997 nearby Avignon (Southern France) as a side-project of extreme metal-music. Musically influenced by Slayer and Impaled Nazarene, their first effort Nuclear Forces, a furious mix of harsh black metal and old-school thrash metal was released in 2000. Then the project entered a period of inactivity.
In 2005, JeeHell D. joined the band, marking a new beginning for Archenterum. The second auto-production Insanity of War was released in 2009 presenting a more personal melodic death metal. The underground press was quite enthusiastic.
After three years of hard work, the band delivered six elaborated and mature songs with Paradoxe 29A their third musical creation. With their unhealthy death metal sound, the band received a unanimous support from the underground scene.
After a break in their musical evolution, the band re-recorded 5 songs from their first effort as well as two unreleased songs published in 2013 under the title Exhumed.
In 2014 Archenterum published a new EP called The Ending, containing 2 new tracks.
End 2018, the band recorded and published themselves on Bandcamp an advance version of their debut album …ainsi fut Abîme on digital download. Finally released in April 2019 by Facthedral’s Hall on CD limited to 200 copies.

Line-up :

  • Greg D – Guitar, lead vocals.
  • Matt D – Guitar, additional vocals, drum programming.
  • JeeHell D – Bass, additional vocals.

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