Audio services

We do:

  • digital and vinyl (re-)mastering in .wav/.cue/.ddp/… files.
  • digital remastering of a recording with professionnal tools.
  • mix of a production from the original multi-tracks.

List of releases that we have previously worked on :

  • IMPERIAL “Chaos” CD (Triumph Ov Death records) – mix + mastering
  • DEMONIC OATH “Crypt Of Mournful Summoning” 12″EP (Triumph Ov Death records) – mastering
  • ABYSSALS “The Hole of Souls” 12″EP (Triumph Ov Death records) remasteringmastering 
  • DEADROW77 “Dark Waves for Little Greys” 2xCD – mixage + mastering
  • INGODEME digital releases – mix + mastering
  • SIZZLE “At Air” digital release – mix + mastering
  • MINITEL “Abîmes” CD – mastering
  • v/a “We Are French, Fuck You!” 2xCD compilation (Triumph Ov Death records) – mastering
  • DEATH POWER “The Bogeyman Returns” 2xCD (Triumph Ov Death records) – remastering + mastering
  • MUTILATED “In Memoriam” 2xCD (Triumph Ov Death records) – remastering + mastering
  • DEATH POWER “Vivisection – demos 1987” CD (Facthedral’s Hall/The Ritual Productions) – remastering + mastering
  • CHALUNG-GRA “Mostaferi” CD (Facthedral’s Hall) – mix

Contact us for submit your project, and we will estimate for you a rate which corresponds to the work that the sound engineer must perform.