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New Deadrow77's video playlist on our YouTube channel. It contains animated diaporamas which illustrates tracks from the "Dark Waves For Little Greys" album. (more…)

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Thanks to Textura who have reviewed "Dark Waves For Little Greys" by Deadrow77 on their web pages. Operating out of the south of France, Facthedral’s Hall has been releasing music since 1997,…

#BnF #Le Petit Prospecteur

Chronique de Facthedral's Hall dans "Le Petit Prospecteur". Un grand merci à la Bibliothèque Nationale de France pour leur article sur notre label dans leur newsletter Le Petit Prospecteur n°41,…

out now : Silent Tower

Debut mini album of Silent Tower. Seven instrumental of industrial & epic doom-death-black-metal based exclusively on bass riffs (no guitar or vocals used). (more…)

out now : Ingodeme “Pleonasms”

Second album of Ingodeme "Pleonasms" out now on F.H. 13 lo-fi instrumental/impros of experimental noise indus goth de merde compos[t]ed & recorded by Le K. on a Tascam Portastudio 4 tracks…