Ingodeme “Endless”

Ingodeme “Endless”

reference : FHCD21-2019
format : Black CD-R Mini + 2-page insert in crystal slimcase.
time : 18:23 mn
style : ambient experimental industrial
released: February 1st 2019

availability : CD-R Mini + Free Digital Download

tracklist :
1. Endless 08:54
2. Endless 2 09:29

details : 2 tracks EP. First track “Endless” composed (December 14th 2018) by Le K. exclusively from cassette loops of Korg Monologue (raw with no effects), recorded on 4 tracks portsatudio on one endless tape. A second endless tape was used on the second track “Endless 2”, recorded December 23rd 2018 with BOSS DR-5 sequencer, and Facebook still on the 4 tracks recorder. For each track, Le K. played & mixed 4 mono loops/tracks, digitally captured on his computer during 9mn. The process was repeated more than 20 times and all the tracks recorded was superimposed & digitally mixed. Cover art by SomniaK.

artist page : MARC REINA