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Markab Project “Music for Chaomantic Meditation”

reference : FHCD20-2018
format : Polycase pro CD-R limited to 50 copies hand numbered.
time : 20 mn
style : electronic tribal noise ritual dark ambient
released: May 3rd 2018

availability : CD-R sold out + Free Digital Download

tracklist :
1. Azazel Connexion part 1 (Version 1.2)
2. Les Trois Voies
3. Sigi Tolo / Po Tolo / Emme Ya Tolo

details : For this 6th release of Markab Project, the three rituals of “Music for Chaomantic Meditation” , are composed by Napharion Zviadadze (member of the avant-garde & experimental Black-Metal band Aryos) and masterised by J.S. at Asymetrix Studio. The complete layout of the record is signed Dist De Kaerth, who has also photographied Maat Ab Chao as model for the cover. Packaged in transparent polycase.

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