Trades & distribution

How to distribute our productions :

Order directly from our catalogue at wholesale prices. Please fill out our order formORDER F.H. STOCK.

If your are a label, you can ask for trade your productions against ours. You can make your proposal and send your trade list by fill out this trade form : F.H. TRADE LIST.

How to be distributed in our mailorder :

By Trade (see above) if you are a label or distributor.

By Sale Deposit :
1) Submit to us your production(s) that you want them to be sold on our web stores, by the contact page. You can send us physical shipments or download/streaming links to our addresses.
2) If accepted, and if you agree to our conditions*, then you’ll be able to send us your stock, with your adress, your payment preference & details.

*Conditions of the Sale Deposit :
If we sold copies of your records, each 6 months (based on the date of your deposit) we will contact you for giving details of records sold and asking you an invoice.Then we will send you payment in €uros by PayPal or Bank Transfer. We pay:
– €5,00 by 7″EP / Cassette /EP CD or MCD.
– €6,00 by simple Jewel Case CD album / 10″EP / 12″EP.
– €7,00 by digipak CD.
– €10,00 by 12″LP album / double CD / limited edition CD album.
– €12,00 by double 12″LP / triple CD.
No minimal quantities by reference required. You can retrieve your stock at any time, we will pay you the sales we owe after having received your invoice. In any case, you will pay for the shipping & the returning of your stock. If you accept these conditions, then feel free to contact us.

Where to find records from our catalog & mailorder :

Internet/Mailorder : Amazon, Musea (Fr.), Cold Spring (U.K.), Bandcamp*, CD and LP*, CD Mail (Fr.), C.V.S. Médiathèques (Fr.), Discogs*, The Eastern Front (Isr.), FNAC, Forgotten Wisdom Prod. (Fr.), GamAnnecy (Fr.), Gemm, Goethie Exhumation (Fr.), Infernö Records (Fr.), La Cripta Metal Shop (Cl.), MusicStack, Nuit & Brouillard (Fr.), PriceMinister, Punishment 18 (It.), Reverse Alignment (Sw.), SSSM (Jp.), Volume Brutal (Fr.).
*Links to our official shops.

Local shops :

  • Cup Of Tea library (1 rue Caisserie, 13002 Marseille, Fr.)
  • Lollipop Music Store (2 Blvd Théodore Thurner, 13006 Marseille, Fr.)
  • Polymorphe Records (ZAC du Fray Redon, 83136 Rocbaron, Fr.)
  • Sabre Tooth (19 Rue des Trois Mages, 13006 Marseille, Fr.)