Woest “La Fin de L’Ère Sauvage”

Woest “La Fin de L’Ère Sauvage”

WONDERBOX METAL (U.K.) Webzine, April 22th 2017 :
Woest are an industrial black metal band from France and this is their debut release. Woest play some of the filthiest, blackest, malignant music you’ve probably heard in a while. With a black metal underpinning, the band mutate this with industrial and doom influences, creating the hideously twisted mass of noise and evil that you can hear on La Fin de L’ère Sauvage. Bleak atmospheres are present throughout, as the band create urbanised occult sounds, replete with chanting and dark Gothic vibes. The songs are layered and full of interesting content, seemingly ripped into reality by the band’s creative force. Woest are clearly a talented bunch. While I like the songs themselves very much, the main issue I have here is with the production, unfortunately. Although functional, I feel it robs the music of the full power and effect it might otherwise have. I feel that the various layers to Woest’s sound could do with some better integration and balancing. This is more apparent on some songs than others though, and, as always, depends on your perspective. It should be noted that La Fin de L’ère Sauvage is actually the band’s debut demo. As such, these minor sound issues are to be expected. Normally I wouldn’t even point it out, but as the material is of exceptional quality, I feel it’s worth mentioning. However, even with some recording issues, you can still feel the potential on this release, and when everything does come together appropriately, it’s very enjoyable. I feel Woest could become quite a force to be reckoned with, as the actual songs on La Fin de L’ère Sauvage are well-written and full of grim beauty. As it stands at the moment, Woest have produced an demo that’s enjoyable enough in its own right, but hints at even better things to come. Ones to watch.

TERRA RELICTA (Svn.) Webzine, April 16th 2017 :
From Marseille (France) rises one of the most inhuman blackened acts that I heard lately, their name is Woest, and what we have here is their debut release named La Fin de L’ere Sauvage. The album in question is actually a self produced demo release. This band identifies itself with the industrial/doom metal genre and adds a lot of black metal elements as well. Basically on this record you’ll hear an abundant use of synths, samplers and electronic drums that are predominantly present, as well as low-pitched guitars with cyclic riffs, which repeat endlessly along the generally long tracks. The pace is often doomy, slow, with low-tuned guitars and a lot of “thicker” sounds. What will you find in this album? Exactly what it’s described, the junction of these three styles. Black metal elements such as typical tremolo picked guitar riffs converge with kind of desolate sludgy treble guitar amps, and as expected and needed the drum beats are strong, sometimes fast and with some blast beats like in the track “Tout s’écroule”. The vocals mingle into kind of black/industrial side with growls and desperate shrieks. Still I don’t find in here that much of traditional nordic black metal style, the whole thing is quite modern in some strange sick sense, yet I could say that it would be more like a progressive black metal in certain parts with prevalent industrial/doom style in others. Some clean vocals are used as well to make the whole thing more dynamic and interesting. The bass is powerful, reverberate and starts the first track, “Le froid efface”, which is nicely coming along with hypnotic vocals that blend well with grim screams while the ritualistic atmospheric gaze comes from the synthesizers. Some tracks are almost epic, with parts that lead to a more slow route, mid-tempo melodic guitars and leads. The album’s tone is all over psychotic, undoubtedly very obscure, sometimes the whole thing is even at the edge of becoming militaristic, especially in the hypnotizing track “Moelleuse et tiède”. But this music is for lovers of this style, because it is very electronic to say, but still absolutely black, even so the boys certainly reached their goal. In addition, the thing that bothers me the most is that sometimes it sounds like an old demo from late 80s or early 90s, recorded in a garage. No matter what, Woest still should be admired, because their debut release certainly shows a lot of effort and without any doubt potential is here. In a way Woest gave us with this release a dose of true underground as it perhaps should be and undoubtedly offers us something differet, an interesting mix of dark styles, but still I would really like to hear them with better production. My favorite tracks are “Tout s’Ecroule” and “Toundra”.
7/10 – Felin Frost

AVE NOCTUM (U.K.) Webzine, February 11th 2017 :
“Ferocious” is the name of this trio hailing from Marseille in France and photos of them standing in an urban wasteland, wearing hoody’s and clutching skulls and swords gives a good indication of what to expect, music that embraces both the past and the modern in many respects. This is the group’s debut release and certainly has a few things needing ironing out sound-wise. The 1st track is sharp and clattery and the second dull and bassy but thankfully after that there is a significant improvement. It kind of suggests tracks may have been recorded in separate sessions to me. ‘Le froid éfface’ gets cold emotion across with a solemn feel built up around both clean chanting vocals and graven rasps. The music is a bit of an intentional cold dirge but as mentioned not getting the full grasp of the musicianship from the recording here although there’s definitely a strong grasp of funereal melody and you feel like in the grip of a medieval plague rite. Although incredibly dense and muddy ‘Tout s’écroule’ sees everything collapse but I am struck by the repetitive, maudlin keyboard sounds which have more than a sense of aged nostalgia about them and are heavily reminiscent of Burzum. There’s certainly a good and solemn melody lurking in there and the chanted vocals at least come across here but the demo quality does this no real justice. Once we get the definition and clarity in the title track it is clear there is something both special and somewhat unique here and the last four tracks show true potential. It’s the obviously programmed drum machine that brings forth the modern sound mentioned giving things an industrialised clamour although the context is a doomy one with forceful vocals riding over the top sounding like they are unleashing a particularly nasty curse. That keyboard sound is back and really hypnotises and the combination of everything is really intriguing. They hit some really strange and sinister cadences within the fretwork of songs like ‘Noir’ spreading the blackness in an arcane twisting way that with the combination of the very expressive vocals give the vibe that we are being entertained by black warlocks deep in their tomb practicing necromantic arts. It really does get beneath the skin and the atmosphere is palpable. Although evidently French lyrically, there’s something about all this that reminds of age old artists within both the elder and highly regarded Czech and Italian scene. If only Woest could have cast their spell over the recording this would have definitely got a higher mark but again the levels seem to have gone up a notch on the last couple of tracks. Despite that there is a huge potential here and musically this has completely captivated me.
7/10 – Pete Woods

METALEYES IYE (It.) Webzine, February 23rd 2017 :
I marsigliesi Woest esordiscono con questo full length intitolato La Fin de l’ère Sauvage, un lavoro che include pulsioni industrial all’interno di un’impalcatura black doom. Come spesso accade, dal suolo francese giungono proposte fortemente disallineate rispetto alla normalità, una tendenza questa che dà vita a dischi geniali così come ad altri cervellotici o deludenti: il caso in questione si colloca più o meno a metà strada, in virtù di una buona propensione sperimentale che purtroppo non sempre è sorretta da suoni ottimali. Non so se ciò possa dipendere solo dalla qualità del promo in mio possesso, ma qui la produzione alquanto ovattata non sembra valorizzare al meglio uno stile che si differenza sostanzialmente dal black più canonico, necessitando a mio avviso di una maggiore pulizia a livello sonoro. Detto ciò La Fin de l’ère Sauvage mostra più di un passaggio brillante che rende merito al tentativo, da parte dei Woest, di creare un qualcosa di non scontato: il loro industrial black è algido, solenne e cadenzato, in possesso dunque di tutte le caratteristiche per poter inquietare i sonni di più di un ascoltatore, in virtù di rare concessioni alla melodia. “La barbarie est l’état naturel de l’humanité. La civilisation n’est pas naturelle. Elle résulte simplement d’un concours de circonstances. Et la barbarie finira toujours par triompher” è il motto, mutuato dal Robert E.Howard, che campeggia sulla pagina Facebook e sul Bandcamp della band transalpina, e credo si confaccia perfettamente ad un album la cui apparente modernità viene ampiamente incrinata da un approccio, appunto, selvaggio e ostentatamente datato a livello di rivestimento sonoro. Un lavoro complesso, a tratti ostico, ma senz’altro interessante.
7,4/10 – Stefano Cavanna


METAL TEMPLE Webzine, February 26th 2017 :
The genre this particular French band is playing is a rare thing nowadays, so I must say I am actually honored to review something so unique, original, and creatively awesome! The overall atmosphere, the type of vocals, the riffing, everything is a bit industrial influenced, but the whole is album is a lot more than just that. The first song ‘’Le Froid éfface’’ smacked me in the face with its powerful, epic, sludgy, doom riff, with an incredibly raw and slow speed, this riff only put my hopes up really high(they already were even before playing the album for the first time)! Oh, the vocals! WOW! The vocals are so deep, black metal influenced, sometimes I hear another vocalist, perhaps backing vocalist(?) with a different voice, a different vocal style which is completely heavy metal influenced, with a small mix of sludge metal. Screams, growls, clean influenced vocals, almost everything is here. Sometimes the growls lean a bit more to the Death Metal, but sometimes to the Black Metal side, too! This has to be one of the most creative albums after ARCTURUS’s latest album entitled ‘’Arcturus’’. The overall keyboards which are present, too, they pretty much build up the whole atmosphere, the great, various vocal styles, the chilling riffs, the pleasant drums. The fact that this band doesn’t fear experimentation, makes them one of France’s greatest underground metal bands (you name the genre!). ‘’Tout s’écroule’’ enters with a slow, but somehow epic riff surrounded by strong ambient influences in the background, which really put the listener to sleep. A nice, speeding black metal scream enters, but the ambient kind of still remains dominant, making this track my favorite, so far. Even though I’m not always into these type of Black Metal vocals, they somehow sound beautiful! With the overall atmosphere being so chilly and slow, full of ambient moments, it kind of makes the whole thing sound so beautiful. In the middle of the song you can even hear something that would, if you’d ask me, I’d say was a violin, and at some moments I hear bells, triangle’s, and many more instruments. I might be wrong, no matter how the band achieved this sound, it’s incredible. Around the end a powerful, dark, clean vocal, a bit folk-ish but still heavy enters the musical journey, and makes things even more epic. Still, I can’t understand anything, for what I am so sorry, I would love to know the lyrics. They must be awesome. Yes, you guessed, nothing is in English, if the track list wasn’t enough clue. ‘’ La fin de l’ère sauvage’’, the third track on this awesome record, starts off with a brutal, earth shattering bass riff that actually remains loud enough throughout the entire track, even when the Brutal, Black/Death/Doom metal vocals enter. I seriously can’t name it, you must hear it to have an idea what I’m talking about! ‘’Noir’’ is a weird track, and I am almost certain every album has one of those, that sound a bit different, which kind of showcase an experimental element of a band. This one might be one of them, but hell, I love it so much. It’s such a nice, haunting track with different types of vocals, some are high and clean, some are slow but black metal oriented, and the entire song is echoing of a weird sound, it’s really, really bizarre, but in an epic way, somehow also interesting. Also, if you were curious, the album’s title translates to something like: ‘’The end of the wild era’’. I’m still on the fourth track, and damn, it’s so atmospheric, so beautiful but somehow blood chilling, too! ‘’Moelleuse et tiède’’ starts off with deep and heavy tribal drums, with an also echoing sound, and vocals that reminds us of death itself. It’s a deep track, with just a bit more instrumentation than vocalization. However, they are still present, and they sound do industrial, growl-ish, and really, dark and brutal, it sometimes gets mixed with doom, and it’s just great in its entirety. ‘’Toundra’’ starts off with the wind blowing, and a literally heavy riff in the background, slowly fading in. Chanting sounds, vocals. Believe it or not, this is the second longest track on the entire album, after the second one. It’s atmospheric, incredibly deep but somehow still incredibly epic…the entire song is so charming, it takes the listener away somewhere else, on a different place. If the whole, atmospheric, keyboard followed thing wasn’t enough, there you go some motherfucking church bells! Incredible, guys, this is incredible! SHOUTOUT to you in Woest, too! I am blown away!! Keep playing for many years to come, loved your music!!! To you, the fans, YOU MUST check this band out and their debut album, and to you labels, YOU ALSO need this on your roster, you are about to check out one of France’s most epic and experimental bands!
Songwriting: 10 / Originality: 10 / Memorability: 10 / Production: 10 – Andrej Romic

MELANCHORUS (Ger.) Webzine, March 8th 2017 :
It’s black and brutal, doomy and also industrial – what a wild combination of sounds and atmospheres. This is WOEST! If you like your Metal this way you’ll welcome this new, versatile band from Marseille, France. They formed in 2015 to create “something dark, a reflection of our environment, […] our sick society” as guitarist Dave Malemort explains. Their intriguing demo `La fin de l’ère sauvage´ is the result and clearly a success: six sinister songs with harsh Death/ Black Metal vocals in French. `La fin de l’ère sauvage´, released this January, is a conceptual work inspired by the fictional world of the Cimmerian people brought to life by the American author Robert Ervin Howard. Is there anyone who hasn’t heard of the infamous Cimmerian hero Conan the Barbarian? Vocalist Torve summarizes the songs in the following way: “Most tracks present a barbarian lost in modernity and his values. He will finally get lost in the tundra to die alone”. A downtempo intro with gritty guitar chords introduces `Le froid efface´ before WOEST speed it up and Torve’s Black Metal vocals set it. We’re getting an atmospheric and powerful opener! The sound of `Tout s’écroule´ may not be the clearest in the beginning, but improves towards the end of the song when the vocals get more prominent. A rather melancholic riff leads through the apocalyptic song and there are eerie, high-pitched synths followed by a doomy part featuring slower vocals. WOEST growl about “songs to the glory of bodies lying in the battle field” and fittingly we’re caught in riffle fire towards the end of the track. The sombre outro of `Tout s’écroule´ is stunning and the same is true of the following intro leading us to the title track `La fin de l’ère sauvage´. The title track kicks off with a dark bass line and convinces the listener as a composition full of changes. The great, chant-like chorus somehow reminds one of CRADLE OF FILTH and later, the vocalist also recites a quote by Howard, words that the author wrote in a letter to H. P. Lovecraft in 1935, in an angry manner: “… Les hommes `civilisés´ essaient toujours de justifier leurs exactions, pillages et massacres en déclarant qu’ils agissent dans l’intérêt de l’art, du progrès et de la culture. Que ce simple constat vous surprenne m’étonne et me surprend. Ceux qui se targuent d’appartenir à une civilisation supérieure ont toujours déguisé leur rapacité avec de tels arguments…” (Tranls.: “Civilized´ men try to justify their looting, butchering and plundering by claiming that these things are done in the interests of art, progress and culture. That this simple statement of fact should cause surprise, amazes me in return. People claiming to possess superior civilization have always veneered their rapaciousness by such claims.”) – A statement of fact indeed, sad but true. With its in-your-face guitar riff and keyboards on top of the drum machine, `Noir´ spreads some Gothic vibes and is one of my favorite tunes on the debut convincing with a great interplay between snarling vocals and the repetitive guitar in the verses and a great change between clear and harsh vocals in the “Black Lotus” chorus. `Moelleuse et tiède´ means “soft and warm” and that’s how redeeming death after a battle is described in this track. The tune blows you away with an amazing intro, another killer chorus, some wonderful bass in the background, and a swift guitar solo in its outro. The sound of gusty winds introduce the epic closing track `Toundra´. The eight-minute-long is simply mesmerizing and kind of hauntingly soothing with its gripping doom and mourning “La-la-la sing-song”. What is more, WOEST sound the death knell by building in some gloomy church bells. Bravo! On the whole, every single track on the demo manages to grab your attention immediately. The about 40-minute-long `La fin de l’ère sauvage´ easily grows on you and makes you crave for more WOEST! It is an interesting first opus and the French (rather than English) lyrics are wonderful for a change fitting the tunes perfectly. Some clear vocals here and there are also very welcome. Everyone who is into dark sounds that are brutal and atmospheric at the same time should check out the creative work of this band, which deals intelligently with the theme of barbarism. WOEST present unique music while exploring the duality between the wild, ancient world and our modern civilization. In their shady artwork, created by Torve himself, they present another French translation of Robert E. Howard’s words on savagery and mankind: “Barbarism is the natural state of mankind. Civilization is unnatural. It is the whim of circumstance. And barbarianism must ultimately triumph.” Listen to WOEST’s demo and you’ll know exactly how all this sounds like!
4/5 – Lay LA Ayobi – Interview here.

Woest are a band from France that plays a mixture of black, industrial and doom metal and this is a review of their self released 2017 album “La fin de l’ere sauvage”. Powerful sounding bass guitars start off the album along with some melodic singing and chanting a few seconds later which also mix in grim black metal screams at times while the synths make the music more atmospheric along with a great amount of industrial elements and demonic growls are also used briefly. At times the music brings in a more modern style of atmospheric black metal and gun shot samples are also use d briefly along with a great portion of the tracks being very long and epic in length and as the album progresses the vocals also mix in the more harsh side of industrial and the songs stick to either a slow or mid paced musical direction and melodic guitar leads are added onto the closing track. Woest plays a musical style that mixes atmospheric black metal, doom and industrial and mixes them together to create something very different, the production sounds very dark, raw and heavy while the lyrics are written in French and cover dark themes. In my opinion Woest are a very great sounding mixture of black metal, industrial and doom metal and if you a are a fan of those musical genres, you should check out this band. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE “Tout s’ecroule” and “Toundra”.