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Atrabilis Sunrise / Sizzle / Synaxe “Wanted Be Startin’ Somethin'”

reference : FHD19-2020
format : Digital Download
time : 18:32 mn
style : droning ambient industrial electronica darkwave
released: October 12th 2020

availability : Free Digital Download

tracklist :
1. ATRABILIS SUNRISE : Nystagmus Ritual 05:31
2. SIZZLE : Human Nature mixAnthropiK 05:17
2. SYNAXE : Fantôme Random / Random Fantôme 07:41

details : Tracks originally intended for a tribute compilation to Michael Jackson which will never see the light of day. Nystagmus Ritual is the first track produced by Atrabilis Sunrise since 2011, composed and recorded by Padre PC, June 2020. Human Nature mixAthropiK remix composed by Le K., December 2019/January 2020. Fantôme Random / Random Fantôme, inspired by Heal The World, composed by Patrice Bal Spring/Summer 2020.