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Norwegian band formed in 2017, mixing raw, hypnotic and freezing Black-Metal with Arctic Ambient music. Very productive, they released a lot of demos on digital download on their own Bandcamp page. A lot of them have been released physically by different labels on CD, Cassette and LP. In 2021 “Kald og dod…” (demo 2020) finally co-released on CD by Narcoleptica Productions, Careless “Demo” Records, Facthedral’s Hall, Vacula Productions, BRC-30 Productions, and Scorched Earth Records.

Line-up :

Ghoul : Bass, Drums, Guitars
Vinter : Bass, Drums, Guitars, Vocals
Svarter : Drums, Keyboards, Vocals

Dicography Vintlechkeit :

Hvite Felt Av Død​.​.​. (split with Vinterkult) 2018 / Cassette
Aldrig… Demo 2019 / Cassette
Til… Demo 2019 / Cassette
Til… / Dype i vinterskogens… Compilation 2019
Dype i vinterskogens… CD / Cassette
Dødssted​… Demo 2019 / Cassette
Vintlechkeit / Wintaar Split 2019
Vi drømmer om stjernene hvor gudene sovnet… Demo 2019
La oss gå til… Demo 2019
Norskesvartmetall Compilation 2019 / CD
Menneskelig frykt​.​.​. Demo 2019
Gjennom skogens kratt… Demo 2019
Svartskogen, Svartvinter​.​.​. Demo 2019
Aldrig… / Dødssted​… Compilation 2019 / CD
Vinteren inn svartfjellet… Demo 2019
Hymnen Var​.​.​. Demo 2020
Ødeleggelse og skygger​.​.​. Demo 2020
Svartskogen, svartvinter​​.​​​.​​. / Dødssted​​.​​​.​​. Compilation 2020 / LP
Dode menn om vinteren​.​.​. Demo 2020
Likene i snøen… Demo 2020
Voivotus / Vintlechkeit Split 2020
Dode menn om vinteren​.​.​.| Likene i snoen​.​.​. Compilation 2020 / CD
Vinteren inn Svartfjellet​.​.​. / Dødssted​​.​​​.​​. Compilation 2020 / CD
Kald og dod… Demo 2020 / CD
Hagalaz… Demo 2020

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1990 in Czech Republic the brothers Josef “Humanoid” (guitar) and Jan “Schizoid” Vesely (drums/vocals) founded the band Devastator. In 1993 they changed the name of the band to !T.O.O.H.! (The Obliteration of Humanity).
From 1995 to 1997 they recorded 2 demos of grinding death-metal with cynical and black humour lyrics, “Vy kusy mrdacího masa” (“You pieces of fucking flesh”) and “Sen to není, nesmí” (“It’s not can’t be a dream”), joined in 1997 by Petr Slavícek “Android” on bass (ejected by the band some months later). Both received very good feedbacks from the underground scene.
Since 1999 Humanoid & Schizoid recorded 2 albums in duo, “Z Vyšší Vůle” (“From Higher Will”) in 2000 + “Pod Vládou Biče” (“Under the Reign of the Whip”) in 2002, released on CD. They joined in 2004 by Wokis (Guitar) and Freedom (Bass), who still form the current line-up.
In 2005, they signed a contract with legendary british label Earache for their third album “Order And Punishment”. Their music has evoluted to Progressive Death/Grind in their own identifiable style.
Later they released themselves a lot of productions, essentially EP’s, distributed by the band in digital download files.

Line-up :

  • Humanoid – Guitar, lead vocals.
  • Schizoid – Drums (lead vocals from 1990 to 1999).
  • Freedom – Bass.
  • Wokis – Guitar.
  • Android – Bass in 1997.

Dicography !T.O.O.H.! :

  • Vy Kusy Mrdacího Masa (You Pieces of Fucking Flesh) 1995 – demo
  • Sen To Není, Nesmí (It’s Not Can’t be a Dream) 1997 – demo
  • Z Vyšší Vůle (From Higher Will) 2000 – CD
  • Pod Vládou Biče (Under the Reign of the Whip) 2002 – CD
  • Order And Punishment 2005 – CD / digital download
  • Democratic Solution 2013 – digital download
  • Live In Prosek 2013 – digital download
  • Z Terária Do Kolumbária 2013 – EP / digital download
  • Komouš 2019 – EP / digital download
  • Vy Kusy Mrdacího Masa 2020 – CD / digital download
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Archenterum was founded in 1997 nearby Avignon (Southern France) as a side-project of extreme metal-music. Musically influenced by Slayer and Impaled Nazarene, their first effort Nuclear Forces, a furious mix of harsh black metal and old-school thrash metal was released in 2000. Then the project entered a period of inactivity.
In 2005, JeeHell D. joined the band, marking a new beginning for Archenterum. The second auto-production Insanity of War was released in 2009 presenting a more personal melodic death metal. The underground press was quite enthusiastic.
After three years of hard work, the band delivered six elaborated and mature songs with Paradoxe 29A their third musical creation. With their unhealthy death metal sound, the band received a unanimous support from the underground scene.
After a break in their musical evolution, the band re-recorded 5 songs from their first effort as well as two unreleased songs published in 2013 under the title Exhumed.
In 2014 Archenterum published a new EP called The Ending, containing 2 new tracks.
End 2018, the band recorded and published themselves on Bandcamp an advance version of their debut album …ainsi fut Abîme on digital download. Finally released in April 2019 by Facthedral’s Hall on CD limited to 200 copies.

Line-up :

  • Greg D – Guitar, lead vocals.
  • Matt D – Guitar, additional vocals, drum programming.
  • JeeHell D – Bass, additional vocals.

Links :

Dicography ARCHENTERUM :

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Patrice Bal

Patrice Bal is a french composer, who explores different kind of electronic musics on hardware machines since the end of 90’s. In parallel, he developed his own visual and graphic universe, using 3D for images or videos.

He formed 3 musical projects : Pathétique laBoratoire, Pi Cab Alter (2002), and finally Synaxe (2016). With his different entities, and in an experimental way, he explored different faces of electronic music : droning ambient, trip-hop, electro-groove, electronica, indus, synth-music, synth-wave, noise … using various machines for each new project or release.

Patrice made is unique live performance for the evening “A Tribute to Burundi” (2004) organised by Facthedral for the same titled compilation. He participated to all F.H. compilations (music and visual), and he was particularly invested in La Poca Lips in 2012.

Discography PI CAB ALTER :


Discography SYNAXE :

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Markab Project

Markab Project is a sonic witchcraft experimental project, mixing electro tribal sonorities, noise and ritual dark ambient against a background of Chaos magic. Created by Napharion from french avantgarde black-metal band Aryos. The experimentation started in 2013 and released several demos and splits under the aegis of labels such as Arsenestre, Solar Asceticists, Les Éditions du Reflet de Scylla… In 2018 onwards, Markab Project joins forces with French label Facthedral’s Hall for his new EP and sixth release, “Music for Chaomantic Meditation”.

Discography :

  • Markab Project / Le Revers Sanglant : s/t – 2014 – Split CDR
  • Markab Project / Akshoogk’h : Danse pour Elle – 2015 – Split CDR
  • Markab Project / Pandémonium: Fragmentation Astrale Et Rituels Sonores – 2015 – Split Cassette
  • 21 – 2016 – Cassette
  • Markab Project / Dragon Rouge / Pandémonium : Magies Contemporaines et Autres Sorcelleries – 2017 – Split Cassette
  • Music for Chaomantic Meditation – 2018 – CDR
  • Exercices Dans La Mort – 2019 – CDR Mini

Website :
Contact :

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Death Power

In 1985, Avignon (south France) Philippe Tourvieille (guitar), and David Thimel (bass/vocals) started together a first band, which becomes Death Power when Stéphane Guégan (drums) joins the band in 1986. In 1987, the band record their two first demo tapes “Speed-Thrash-Core-Machine”, and “Keep Fit, Fuck More…” (recording + guest lead guitar by Alex Colin-Tocquaine from Agressor). They were very active in the french thrash-metal underground scene with bands like, Agressor, Loudblast, Nomed, Shud, Outburst, Witches, Braindeath, Hoax, Mercyless…. They toured non-stop during seven years with bands like Tankard, Carcass, Holy Moses, Atrocity, Samael, Treponem Pal, Coroner, or Paradise Lost. After a lot of demos massively distributed in the underground, an awaited and very promising first album “The Bogeyman” in 1990, the band splitted in 1991.

Dicography DEATH POWER :

  • Speed-Thrash-Core-Machine 1987 – demo cassette
  • Keep Fit, Fuck More… 1987 – demo cassette
  • Mixed Rehearsals 1988 – demo cassette
  • Plop! Rehearsal 1989 – demo cassette
  • Vivisection 1989 – 7″EP
  • The Bogeyman 1990 – CD/Cassette/LP
  • The Bogeyman Returns 2017 – 2xCD (remastered album + unreleased live & rehearsal tracks)
  • Vivisection (demos 1987) 2017 – CD (Speed-Thrash-Core-Machine Keep Fit, Fuck More…  remastered demos)


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Marc Reina

Marc Reina is the Facthedral’s boss, and also a musician who has played and composed in some bands or projects under different pseudonyms (mainly under Skrow, and Le K.).

Under “Skrow”, he played & composed Metal music with Imperial (thrash/black metal band) since 1992, and for a solo project called Silent Tower in 2015 (instrumental doom/black/indus-metal).

Under “Le K.”, he worked with electro bands or projects like Sizzle (since 1994), Anti (2003), Commando Kitsch (1999), Chalung-Gra (2003-2017), Ingodeme (since 2012), Velvetine (2013-2018), and did some appearences in various compilations.

He was very active in the early 90’s extreme Metal underground scene (Disgusting Diarrhoea Productions, Moon Soon Records). He worked later like web designer (for the illustrator Laul, the band Von Magnet, on La Poca Lips compilation, for Sizzle, CK Prod, Panneau Pli art), on many records layout (on all Facthedral’s  releases, for bands like Mutilated, Death Power, Sizzle, Fall Of Seraph, Imperial), and in the sound design (remastering for Mutilated/Mutilator/Abyssals, Death Power, Gorgon, mixing albums for Imperial, Archenterum).

Solo projects discography


Website :


Website :


LE K. – featurings on :

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Solo project of Iconoclast (musician in metal bands Annthennath, Evil Spells, & Silver Machine), originally Minitel was not a standalone project. He started to compose dark ambient with his band Annthennath in the idea to mix the ambient and the indus tracks with a violent raw & linear black metal. Finally not used by the band, he finished these tracks in 2006 under his own dark ambient side project, for compose  the debut album of Minitel, at the time called “HarMegiddo”. Minitel is essentially composed on computer, but Iconoclast uses digital synthesizers, electric guitar spent in dozens of audio traitments + effects, and a lot of home recorded sounds which were tortured & disfigured.
This debut album was finally edited on June 2016 by the label Facthedral’s Hall, under the name of “Abîmes”, on CD jewel box limited to 300 copies.

Discography :

Website :

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With guitars, voices and machines, Velvetine gives a rock tinged with electro music blended with wild poetry. By finding its roots both in ethnic and noisy rock music, Velvetine colors its powerful and restless universe with harmonies and subtle tones.
Velvetine was created by two members of former “Septembre Noir”, experts in sound manipulations and manufacturings of musical machines.
After their debut album “Septembre” in 2007, the band was scheduled in various music festivals in particular: Leibzig- Germany (Unter Rock), Prague-Czech Rep. (U Maleho Glena) and in France: Strasbourg (La Laiterie) or Le Printemps de Bourges. They also released several EPs, four clips, and two residences. The band in trio since 2013 worked a long time on their second album “Crematorial Dance”, finally released in March 2016 by Facthedral’s Hall on digipack CD limited to 500 copies. Through its research, the dark universe of Velvetine was enriched with sound constructions and structures that reinforce the originality of this unusual and creative training. On stage, this training now more haunting still crosses the raw guitars and electronic sounds; sometimes industrial, electronica, or ethnic; digital lights and videos, a vintage rock mixed with avant-garde technology. The obvious complicity of the band guides the public in quiet then tense and powerful atmospheres.
Velvetine search actually new gigs in France & Europe for present their new show.


Website :

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deadrow77 is the solo project of Fabien Della Roma, started at Marseille in 2000. The first track “0X1” was composed in 2001 for the v/a compilation Assortiment de F.H., and his second was published in 2004 for v/a the compilation A Tribute To Burundi. At this time, deadrow only used a MIDI keyboard controlling the G.M. bank of his Sound Blaster internal card for compose some tracks on his P.C.. These tracks were chronologically published in 2005 on a debut album mi-figue, mi-raisin released on Facthedral’s Hall.

In parallel, deadrow77 participated many times with the band Sizzle for their improvised recording sessions.

Now deadrow77 lives in the Pyreneans mountains, he is a farmer who grows organic Saffron. In 2013 he restarted to composed improvised music on an Arturia MiniLab synthesizer, still recorded in multi tracks on P.C.. A first collection (2013/2014) of these new series of improvisations came out January 2016 on a double CD entitled “Dark Waves For Little Greys”, still released by Facthedral’s Hall to 500 copies.