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out now : Velvetine “Crematorial Dance”


Second album of Velvetine “Crematorial Dance” out now on digipack CD, in co-production with Fréquence de Coupure. 10 songs sung in french / english, and musically oriented in ethnical, pop & industrial dark electro-rock.

After a first album, several EP, clip and residences, the band released their second album on March 17th 2016. Through its research, the Velvetine‘s universe was enriched constructions and sound structures that reinforce the originality of this unusual and creative training. It offers a unique blend onstage written and improvised interludes that take the audience into a world sometimes dark and melancholic but also hopeful. The complicity of Velvetine musicians guide the public in calm atmosphere and tense and powerful. On stage, this formation still haunting longer intersects further raw guitars and the finest sounds, lights and digital videos, vintage amps & avant garde technology.

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out now : Deadrow77 “Dark Waves For Little Greys”


Eleven years after his debut album previously released on CDr by Facthedral’s Hall, Deadrow77 is back with his new one, «Dark Waves 4 Little Greys».

29 instrumental tracks (electro, ambient, dark, cosmic, medieval, ethnic, indus, electronica, psychedelic…) recorded 2013-2014.

Chronological collection of spontaneous improvisations completely played on a MiniLab 25 (Arturia). The majority of tracks are recorded in a single take. One second touch & tint follows itself then, according to the agent mixer who gets back the sessions, for the most intuitive possible sound fiddling. Narcissist’s strange & curious anthology of uncontrolable, compulsive & convulsive needs, to try to congeal under a desinhibited clumsiness the risky interpretation of the present moment, in the fault the atmospheres, the emotions & feelings of the moment. They are photos, snapshots, Polaroids seized in the air, & stolen from their seizure. Scenographic, not festive & not dance music, to listen to the night or in the dark, rather with headphones & blindly.

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