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Imperial “Chaos”

Oldschool Metal Maniac (Pol.) webzine – August 12th 2015 :
The French scene used to be a leader when it comes to classic thrash/death. these days French bands are doing ok as Hell`s spitting out a bunch of new black metal hordes. IMPERIAL, formed in 1992, has been carrying the banner of hell incessantly and is a good example of a good French metal band. The“chaos” big advantage is the fact that all the songs are performed in French. It adds, in these times dominated by the Englishlanguage, a special atmosphere. The music itself is classically sounding black metal, subtly influenced by antichristian thrash metal – especially when it comes to guitar work. You can hear Kreator, Sodom as well as Aggressor and early Loudblast. Well, “Chaos” is band`s 20th material, the band that have been playing since 1992 and keep releasing new stuff from time to time. “Chaos” is nothing new musically, to be frank with you, yet enjoyable. This music is full of archaic riffs – it all sound decent so give this stuff a chance and listen to this album. Also, take a look at their previous releases.

NAWAKULTURE (Fr.) Webzine, 3 Juillet 2015 / LE TAFEUR #58 (Fr.) Magazine :
Sauvages d’entre les sauvages, les thrasheurs IMPERIAL proposent enfin sur CD cette douzaine de bourre-pif black / speed metal enregistrés entre 2010 et 2011, on note avec plaisir que le duo ne s’est pas calmé avec l’âge, la voix croasse sèchement, la boîte à rythme est toujours réglée sur VITE, les riffs sont toujours acérés et rouillés comme un thrash germanique balancé par des sud-américains farcis de poudre, les textes sont juste hilarants (Trash thrash, Nibiru, La Canine…) ou plus sinistres (Noir, Tu vas crever, dont il existe un clip, cherche et tu trouveras), tout ceci faisant l’univers unique d’IMPERIAL. Trois quarts d’heure d’enfer (véritable !) livrés dans un sehr schön digipak et avec un livret épais fourni en textes et illustrations. 500 copies.
4/5 – Ged

Soulgrinder zine (U.S.A.) – December 3rd 2014 :
Unholy black metal from Francemixed with devastating thrash.The production here is very thin and high end. The drums favor the thrash style, but you will find plenty of blastbeats as well. The songs overall are a bit faster than your average thrash however. There are a couple gallop beats here and there as well, the drummer does a good job of keeping it fresh, yet staying aggressive throughout.The guitars are pure Hellish riffage. Sounding something like Venom. Comparable to Destroyer 666, but more intense – evil thrash and black riffage with just a hint of melody.The vocals are something of a throaty mid to low thrash styled yell with an occasional black metal scream over top.Though, there are a couple minor flaws. Overall these factors do not hold this album back. Like blackened thrash? Then get this.