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Chalung-Gra “Mostaferi”

reference : FHCD17-2017
format : 2-panel digipak CD limited to 300 copies.
barcode : 659436895751
time : 49 mn
style : dark ambient drone indus noise
released: August 10th 2017

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tracklist :
1. Some Pieces for Destruction
2. Heavy Emptiness
3. Embedded Symmetry
4. Trminal

details : 13 years later his debut album “Kalonga Incantations”, here the 2nd one by Chalung-Gra. Decomposed in 4 new soundscapes of deep dark industrial ambient, composed winter/spring 2017 during cassette recording sessions. Le K. backs with more darker & claustrophobic ambient than his debut one – which was entirely digitally composed. Inspired by the huge industrial & polluted environment of the place where he lives, “Mostaferi” explores the same kind of soundscapes but in a different creation process: a computer generates the audio sources, patched to internal & external effects, recorded and assembled on 4 tracks cassette, digitally mixed with no overdubs,  and mastered in tube amp by SomniaK.

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