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deadrow77 is the solo project of Fabien Della Roma, started at Marseille in 2000. The first track “0X1” was composed in 2001 for the v/a compilation Assortiment de F.H., and his second was published in 2004 for v/a the compilation A Tribute To Burundi. At this time, deadrow only used a MIDI keyboard controlling the G.M. bank of his Sound Blaster internal card for compose some tracks on his P.C.. These tracks were chronologically published in 2005 on a debut album mi-figue, mi-raisin released on Facthedral’s Hall.

In parallel, deadrow77 participated many times with the band Sizzle for their improvised recording sessions.

Now deadrow77 lives in the Pyreneans mountains, he is a farmer who grows organic Saffron. In 2013 he restarted to composed improvised music on an Arturia MiniLab synthesizer, still recorded in multi tracks on P.C.. A first collection (2013/2014) of these new series of improvisations came out January 2016 on a double CD entitled “Dark Waves For Little Greys”, still released by Facthedral’s Hall to 500 copies.