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Death Power

In 1985, Avignon (south France) Philippe Tourvieille (guitar), and David Thimel (bass/vocals) started together a first band, which becomes Death Power when Stéphane Guégan (drums) joins the band in 1986. In 1987, the band record their two first demo tapes “Speed-Thrash-Core-Machine”, and “Keep Fit, Fuck More…” (recording + guest lead guitar by Alex Colin-Tocquaine from Agressor). They were very active in the french thrash-metal underground scene with bands like, Agressor, Loudblast, Nomed, Shud, Outburst, Witches, Braindeath, Hoax, Mercyless…. They toured non-stop during seven years with bands like Tankard, Carcass, Holy Moses, Atrocity, Samael, Treponem Pal, Coroner, or Paradise Lost. After a lot of demos massively distributed in the underground, an awaited and very promising first album “The Bogeyman” in 1990, the band splitted in 1991.

Dicography DEATH POWER :

  • Speed-Thrash-Core-Machine 1987 – demo cassette
  • Keep Fit, Fuck More… 1987 – demo cassette
  • Mixed Rehearsals 1988 – demo cassette
  • Plop! Rehearsal 1989 – demo cassette
  • Vivisection 1989 – 7″EP
  • The Bogeyman 1990 – CD/Cassette/LP
  • The Bogeyman Returns 2017 – 2xCD (remastered album + unreleased live & rehearsal tracks)
  • Vivisection (demos 1987) 2017 – CD (Speed-Thrash-Core-Machine Keep Fit, Fuck More…  remastered demos)