Evening #HorsBords #Velvetine #Piedebiche

Evening #HorsBords #Velvetine #Piedebiche

For the beginning of Autumn, we organize the evening Hors-Bords in the hangar of Protec Mer (Marseille, Fr.), on September 23th, 2017.

Velvetine (concert) + Piedebiche (performance)
Stand of Facthedral discs + bar & vegan restoration on the site. We hope to see you there!

Opening doors to 19.00 p.m.

Protec Mer:
27 boulevard Gay Lussac
13014 Marseille


Facebook event (Fr.)www.facebook.com/events/321550891625726
G+ event (En.): plus.google.com/b/102697102093601108602/events/cggv27mn7f4dubb6v06h9nqs3sk