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Marc Reina

Marc Reina is the Facthedral’s boss, and also a musician who has played and composed in some bands or projects under different pseudonyms (mainly under Skrow, and Le K.).

Under “Skrow”, he played & composed Metal music with Imperial (thrash/black metal band) since 1992, and for a solo project called Silent Tower in 2015 (instrumental doom/black/indus-metal).

Under “Le K.”, he worked with electro bands or projects like Sizzle (since 1994), Anti (2003), Commando Kitsch (1999), Chalung-Gra (2003-2017), Ingodeme (since 2012), Velvetine (2013-2018), and did some appearences in various compilations.

He was very active in the early 90’s extreme Metal underground scene (Disgusting Diarrhoea Productions, Moon Soon Records). He worked later like web designer (for the illustrator Laul, the band Von Magnet, on La Poca Lips compilation, for Sizzle, CK Prod, Panneau Pli art), on many records layout (on all Facthedral’s  releases, for bands like Mutilated, Death Power, Sizzle, Fall Of Seraph, Imperial), and in the sound design (remastering for Mutilated/Mutilator/Abyssals, Death Power, Gorgon, mixing albums for Imperial, Archenterum).

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