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Ingodeme “Duskonnected”

reference : FHD6-2018
format : Digital Download.
time : 43 mn
style : experimental industrial ambient electronica post-punk noise lo-fi
released: October 22th 2018

availability : Free Digital Download

tracklist :
1. The Sun Disappear
2. Memories of Tales
3. Wake
4. Dusthrde
5. Fèe Couin Tia U
6. Green Theme
7. Love Over Doudou
8. Insignificanticle
9. Dust Privacy

details : This is the third Ingodeme’s album composed and produced 2017-2018 by Le K.. 10 new tracks still recorded on 4 tracks Tascam Cassette recorder, mixed on computer. He used computer programming, electric guitar & bass, Korg MS-2000, Farfisa Organ, Boss DR-5, Korg Monotron, dictaphone, Reloop CD player, Zoom Studio 1201 FX rack, Alesis Ineko fx, AF-01 Torsalo filter….to compose new dark grooves & indus goth de merde instrumentals.

artist : INGODEME | official website : Ingodeme official