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Ingodeme “Endless”

STRANGER AEONS (NL.), Webzine September 6th 2019 :
Meandering beats, laser sounds and a seemingly incongruent arsenal of sonic collage elements assault you. The odd whistle suddenly grips with intent, a repetition that creates an anchor point in the swamps of sound as the whole of the music starts throbbing forward. Slowly, but surely, this drags you into the sound as it becomes more and more hypnotic and part of your own bio-rhythm. I love how all the layers of sound come together. It’s endlessness captured in a good 18 minutes with two tracks, titled ‘Endless’ and ‘Endless 2’. I know nothing about the artist. I don’t know if I need to. But I know that this is an experience.

LES CROCS DU SCRIBE #25 (Fr.), webzine September 2019 :
Ingodeme is the solo project Ambient by Le K, alias Marc, alias Skrow from Imperial (Black/Thrash cult group from Martigues already interviewed by the Scribe)alias also the “boss” of the label. On the menu is music of great beauty spread over two long tracks (for a total of almost 20 minutes). As it has become the custom at Facthedral’s Hall we are dealing with a magnificent handmade mini-cd printed in 20 copies for less than 6 euros, by jove ! The music is bewitching, gripping, soaring, a real hallucinogenic trip that requires no products and frees you from a greyish daily life. In short, Ingodeme should be reimbursed by the health insurance company named after him! If you want to leave the mainland and let yourself get involved in the world, try “Endless”, it’s guaranteed. An Ambient realized with the Endless Tapes technique, a completely hypnotic continuous sound, like a Philip Glass who would have traded his piano for synthesizers. Beautiful! Beautiful!
Pierre Avril