Ingodeme “Endless”

Ingodeme “Endless”

reference : FHD21-2019
format : Black CD Mini + 2-page insert + crystal slimcase.
time : 18:23 mn
style : ambient experimental industrial
released: February 1st 2019

availability : CD Mini + Digital Download

tracklist :
1. Endless 08:54
2. Endless 2 09:29

details : 2 tracks EP. First track “Endless” composed (December 14th 2018) by Le K. exclusively from cassette loops, precisely 24 loops of Korg Monologue (raw with no effects), recorded on 4 tracks portsatudio on the endless tape. « In six times I recorded 4 mono loops/tracks that i captured with my computer. I let the 4 tracks plays endless for about 9 minutes, turning equalizer buttons and playing volume faders during the process. On my computer, I superimposed all the recordings, and I made a quick mix by adding some internal effect plugins. I didn’t try to resynchronize the loops between them, i just added all the audio files on the multitrack software, letting the chaos reorganize the rythmic pulsations.». The second track “Endless 2” composed by Le K. December 23rd 2018 from cassette loops, precisely 20 loops of BOSS DR-5, and Facebook videos (Gilets Jaunes, Wolf cries), recorded on 4 tracks cassette recorder on another endless tape. In five times, Le K. recorded 4 mono loops/tracks captured on his computer. He used the same Ineko Delay during the recording of all tracks and let the 4 tracks plays endless for about 9 minutes, playing with buttons and faders. «On the multitrack software, I resynchronized the audio files between them by the same delay effect present on each recording, and i made a mix with internal plugin effects». Cover art by SomniaK.

artist page : MARC REINA