out now : Deadrow77 “Dark Waves For Little Greys”

out now : Deadrow77 “Dark Waves For Little Greys”

FHCD15-Deadrow77-DW4LGEleven years after his debut album previously released on CDr by Facthedral’s Hall, Deadrow77 is back with his new one, «Dark Waves 4 Little Greys».

29 instrumental tracks (electro, ambient, dark, cosmic, medieval, ethnic, indus, electronica, psychedelic…) recorded 2013-2014.

Chronological collection of spontaneous improvisations completely played on a MiniLab 25 (Arturia). The majority of tracks are recorded in a single take. One second touch & tint follows itself then, according to the agent mixer who gets back the sessions, for the most intuitive possible sound fiddling. Narcissist’s strange & curious anthology of uncontrolable, compulsive & convulsive needs, to try to congeal under a desinhibited clumsiness the risky interpretation of the present moment, in the fault the atmospheres, the emotions & feelings of the moment. They are photos, snapshots, Polaroids seized in the air, & stolen from their seizure. Scenographic, not festive & not dance music, to listen to the night or in the dark, rather with headphones & blindly.

CD1 recorded in 2013, CD2 in 2014. Mixed by Le K.. Double CD is packaged in luxurious 3 panels digisleeve. This is the first manufactured CD edited by F.H.

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This second Deadrow77’s album is the very first manufactured CD edited by Facthedral’s Hall, 18 years after the label’s creation, edition & promotion of improbable music.

*: a sample of certified bio saffron growned in the pyrenean mountains by Deadrow77.