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Patrice Bal

Patrice Bal is a french composer, who explores different kind of electronic musics on hardware machines since the end of 90’s. In parallel, he developed his own visual and graphic universe, using 3D for images or videos.

He formed 3 musical projects : Pathétique laBoratoire, Pi Cab Alter (2002), and finally Synaxe (2016). With his different entities, and in an experimental way, he explored different faces of electronic music : droning ambient, trip-hop, electro-groove, electronica, indus, synth-music, synth-wave, noise … using various machines for each new project or release.

Patrice made is unique live performance for the evening “A Tribute to Burundi” (2004) organised by Facthedral for the same titled compilation. He participated to all F.H. compilations (music and visual), and he was particularly invested in La Poca Lips in 2012.

Discography PI CAB ALTER :


Discography SYNAXE :