Exit In Grey “Control Points”


Digifile CD imported from Russia.

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The new album by the Moscow region based drone ambient project Exit In Grey is released by joint forces of the labels Muzyka Voln and Frozen Light. It represents the completion of the symbolic trilogy started by “Shadows of Stillness” (2013, Muzyka Voln ~ muzykavoln.bandcamp.com/album/shadows-of-stillness ~) and continued by “One Lumen from the Past” (2016, Frozen Light ~ frozenlightlabel.bandcamp.com/album/one-lumen-in-the-past ~).

Exit In Grey stays true to his creative method: using an electric guitar, voice, effects, field recordings, radio waves & digital synthesizers he creates spatial sound canvases immersing the listener in gentle melancholic and contemplative atmospheres and dissolving his attention in endless fields of sonic vibrations.

3 tracks. Digifile CD. Sealed copy.

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