The Sand Rays “Remembered Vol. 2 (more EPs in coalescence)”


Digifile CD imported from Russia.

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The Canadian musician Jim DeJong (ex-The Infant Cycle) continues to splinter and perplex his discography, releasing mini-works under different monikers: The Sand Rays, San Andreas, Sand Ra, etc. And we are making already the second attempt to collect these sprawling entities under a single cover after the CD “Remembered Vol. 1 (EPs gathered together)” in 2017.

This time Jim doesn’t reveal the list of tools that he used, but we know his passion for recycled sounds of shortwave radio, household appliances and malfunctioning electronics. His music is like ghostly monochrome corridors and sound tunnels which often end with sudden turns and dead ends. It is like endless fields of inner calm, woven from reverberations and atonal textures, giving way to mysterious several second-long cuts in which seemingly almost nothing happens. It is like a quiet psychedelic introversion, a contemplation of bitcrushed emptiness, a parallel existence in intangible layers of space.

8 tracks. Digifile CD. Sealed copy.

1 & 2 appeared on The Sand Rays “Misctones EP” online release
3 & 4 appeared on San Andreas “Old Men Dream In Reverse EP” 3″ CDR
5 & 6 appeared on Sand Ra “Competing Brown Noise Channels EP” 3″ CDR
7 & 8 appeared on The Sand Rays “A Mysterious Disk” 3″ CDR
All tracks originally released in 2016-2018 on the CEIL label, Canada.

The Sand Rays: instruments / production / text / photographs at Old Yellow, Hamilton, Canada.

Artwork by M.M.

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Dimensions 14 × 12,5 × 1 cm