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Sizzle “Facthedral” C-60

catalog reference : FHC2-1998
format : C-60 + printed 2-panel J card.
approximative time : 57 minutes
style : raw harsh dub electro indus

availability : Free Digital Download

tracklist :
a1. slavechain
a2. the indigo thunderdub
a3. facthedral hall
a4. sin-drainer
a5. return to plastic town
a6. soul confessional
a7. super circle
b1. dubmass for atheist people
b2. funeral process 
b3. telephobia
b4. the elder

details : Original first demo tape by Sizzle recorded in 1998. Music composed by Le K. on Boss DR-5, echo chamber, Zoom Studio 1204, Morley Wha pedal, guitar. All tracks are one-shot recordings.

artist page : SIZZLE