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Synaxe “Quadran” / “Quadron”

LES CROCS DU SCRIBE #25 (Fr.), webzine September 2019 :
It is with a duology signed by Patrice Bal, artist of the Facthedral’s Hall label, that we begin these eclectic Crocs du Scribe, as usual. First “Quadran” a set of four electronic titles with electronica hues, Trip Hop. Synaxe is an invitation to a dreamlike journey in which the beat is discreet, leaving room for a very engaging atmosphere. Where “infrared” becomes hypnotic, “canines” is more disturbing, with these “blips” a little “glitchy” on the edges, and this rather bewitching arrhythmia. “Wall of Sound” takes us into darker and more ritual territories, between Dark Ambient and revisited world music. This “runoff” has little to do with capitalist theory. At least he’s authentic! Between Jean-Michel Jarre on acids and Kraftwerk who would drink tea with the Manson family, we are served! “Quadron” begins in a more meditative way with a “clammy autumn” soaring to perfection, not far from a Pink Floyd circa 1971 (still darker) while “Brume sur Mer d’huile” becomes more aggressive, with a heavier and more exciting Dark Ambient, epic at times. “Vielle a voix” pours into the experimental a little crazy (a little?) like Aphex Twin while the last track “Raz” brings out the deglingued beats to finish the adventure in beauty. A beautiful ensemble, which can be listened to either by separate EP or by linking them like an album. The “mini-cd” format is splendid and makes the object even more attractive, all this for 5.90 € per piece! DON’T!!! Ultra-limited print ! run!
Pierre Avril