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1990 in Czech Republic the brothers Josef “Humanoid” (guitar) and Jan “Schizoid” Vesely (drums/vocals) founded the band Devastator. In 1993 they changed the name of the band to !T.O.O.H.! (The Obliteration of Humanity).
From 1995 to 1997 they recorded 2 demos of grinding death-metal with cynical and black humour lyrics, “Vy kusy mrdacího masa” (“You pieces of fucking flesh”) and “Sen to není, nesmí” (“It’s not can’t be a dream”), joined in 1997 by Petr Slavícek “Android” on bass (ejected by the band some months later). Both received very good feedbacks from the underground scene.
Since 1999 Humanoid & Schizoid recorded 2 albums in duo, “Z Vyšší Vůle” (“From Higher Will”) in 2000 + “Pod Vládou Biče” (“Under the Reign of the Whip”) in 2002, released on CD. They joined in 2004 by Wokis (Guitar) and Freedom (Bass), who still form the current line-up.
In 2005, they signed a contract with legendary british label Earache for their third album “Order And Punishment”. Their music has evoluted to Progressive Death/Grind in their own identifiable style.
Later they released themselves a lot of productions, essentially EP’s, distributed by the band in digital download files.

Line-up :

  • Humanoid – Guitar, lead vocals.
  • Schizoid – Drums (lead vocals from 1990 to 1999).
  • Freedom – Bass.
  • Wokis – Guitar.
  • Android – Bass in 1997.

Dicography !T.O.O.H.! :

  • Vy Kusy Mrdacího Masa (You Pieces of Fucking Flesh) 1995 – demo
  • Sen To Není, Nesmí (It’s Not Can’t be a Dream) 1997 – demo
  • Z Vyšší Vůle (From Higher Will) 2000 – CD
  • Pod Vládou Biče (Under the Reign of the Whip) 2002 – CD
  • Order And Punishment 2005 – CD / digital download
  • Democratic Solution 2013 – digital download
  • Live In Prosek 2013 – digital download
  • Z Terária Do Kolumbária 2013 – EP / digital download
  • Komouš 2019 – EP / digital download
  • Vy Kusy Mrdacího Masa 2020 – CD / digital download