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20 years of Facthedral’s Hall

“Well, time passes quickly!…For the 20 years of the label we offer -90% on our digital catalog on Bandcamp.
The opportunity for me to thank all the people who have ensured that 20 years after the label is still there, including Deadrow77 for having allowed the revival of the label in 2015, and present from the foundations alongside  Velvetine, André Reina, Padre PC, Bambouvision, Cup Of Tea (Mars), & Somniak. Also thanks to the artists who have volunteered to participate in remixes and in our 3 compilations, to the people who bought our records, who came to our concerts, and the various underground media that distributed, shared and chronicled our productions.” Le K.

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Sizzle “Facthedral” C-60

catalog reference : FHC2-1998
format : C-60 + printed 2-panel J card.
approximative time : 57 minutes
style : raw harsh dub electro indus

availability : Free Digital Download

tracklist :
a1. slavechain
a2. the indigo thunderdub
a3. facthedral hall
a4. sin-drainer
a5. return to plastic town
a6. soul confessional
a7. super circle
b1. dubmass for atheist people
b2. funeral process 
b3. telephobia
b4. the elder

details : Original first demo tape by Sizzle recorded in 1998. Music composed by Le K. on Boss DR-5, echo chamber, Zoom Studio 1204, Morley Wha pedal, guitar. All tracks are one-shot recordings.

artist page : SIZZLE