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Sizzle “Muermotivo”

reference : FHCD12-2004
format : Pro printed CDR packaged in a papersleeve cover + insert.
time : 65 mn
style : gloomy electronica experimental dub indus ambient
release date : 2004

availability : CD-R + Free Digital Download

tracklist :
1. post 9 (I.G.M.)
2. 4?
3. photon noir
4. the peak swap
5. H,B,G,D, select/start
6. funeral process
7. mantra (feat. Roby)
8. muermotivo (“golden lazy mix” by Atrabilis Sunrise)
9. the peak sweep (by Pi Cab Alter)

details : Third Sizzle album. Released first by P.C.M. (pcm06) in 2003, a confrontation of positive and negative feeling. This 2004 and 2nd re-issue contains 3 bonus tracks: 1 track made for the Elegy#5 compilation on E.E.Tapes, 1 remix by Atrabilis Sunrise & another by Pi Cab Alter. Roby plays guitar on “Mantra”. Composed, played and mixed by Sizzle. Track 6 taken from the first Sizzle’s demo cassette “Facthedral” (1998). Note: The first album edit on P.C.M. contains a ghost track not included in the 2004 reissue.

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