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!T.O.O.H.! “Vy Kusy Mrdacího Masa”

reference : FHCD26-2020
format : Jewel case CD.
time : 30 mn
style : death-metal grindcore
released: Friday November 13th 2020

availability : CD sold out

tracklist :
1. Vy kusy mrdacího masa
2. Což
3. Pro potěšení
4. Je silná…
5. Už
6. Řeže hů řeže
7. Větřík
8. Desetikilové kladivo vraždí v domově důchodců
9. Kamenobití
10. Zavalí
11. Průvodčí
12. To nenasytné klíště
13. Těla
14. Chcípí
15. Mé sny
16. Ty jsi výkal

details :  Also known in English as “You Pieces of Fucking Flesh”; “Vy Kusy Mrdacího Masa” was The Obliteration Of Humanity (AKA !T.O.O.H.!) debut release of this cult deathgring band from Czech Republic. Recorded in one day, the 16 tracks of this demo was self-released on cassette back in 1995 with a disturbing pornographic artwork depicted inside the cassette’s inner sleeve. The music on this demo is still intensive death -metal/grindcore, but originally conceived, without bass guitar. Lyrics were violent and negativistic and sounded very cynical. However it was pretty good black humour. Reissued and remastered for the first time in 2020 on CD by Facthedral’s Hall, in conspiracy with labels Narcoleptica Productions (Ka.), Metal Ör Die (Hu.), Careless “Demo” Records (Ru.). This CD is strictly limited to 100 copies. On this recording, !T.O.O.H.! line-up was : Schizoid (Vocal and Drums), Humanoid (Guitar). Includes 4-page booklet with new artwork in front cover inspired by the original one, and disturbing pornographic photo collage inside.

artist page : !T.O.O.H.!