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Vintlechkeit “Kald og Dod​.​.​.”

reference : FHCD27-2021
format : Jewel case CD.
time : 38 mn
style : arctic ambient / black-metal
released: February 17th 2021

availability : CD Sold out

tracklist :

  1. Viskningar Av Den Svarta Kistan… 15:29
  2. Kald Og Dod… 14:16
  3. Vandra I Solnedgangen… 07:43

details :  First Physical edition of their digital demo “Kald og Dod​.​.​.” (2020) in conspiracy with Careless “Demo” Records, Vacula Productions, BRC-30 Productions, Scorched Earth Records, and Narcoleptica Productions. A ritual to Winter created by hypnotic Norwegian Black Metal mixed with glacial atmospheric ambient. Excellent band which has reinvented the genre – keeping the roots of the same time – while continuing to develop it by adding a fresh and modern approach, in the spirit of the innovative formations of the early 90’s. Jewel case CD limited to 100 copies.

artist page : Vintlechkeit